Prof.Dr.R. Schmid

Chemist and toxicologist at Medical Cannabis Research & Analysis

LECTURE: Legalisation of medical cannabis in the US: the lessons to be learned.

Upon returning from a two-year research stay in neuropharmacology at the National Institute of Health in USA, Schmid began his university career as a scientific assistant in the psychiatric university clinic. In 1990 he undertook postdoctoral qualification in the area of clinical chemistry and, until 2014, was associate professor at the Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics of the Medical University of Vienna at Vienna General Hospital. Schmid was head of the department of medication analysis and toxicology. He spent five years as a member of the United Nations’ international drug control advisory committee. In 1997, the toxicologist conceived and designed the Vienna drug prevention project “Check It” in his capacity as scientific coordinator. Professor Schmid is a member of many international scientific associations and on the board of the Austrian Toxicology Society; he regularly supervises dissertations and theses in the area of biopharmaceutical analytics. Prof. Schmid will be talking about the legalisation of medical cannabis in the US and the lessons, that can be learned thereof – with fresh insights, as he only returns from USA shortly before the congress.

Lecture in German. 

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