CEO Hanf Farm

LECTURE: Hemp as Superfood and Medicine - The Importance of Hemp-based Food and Supplements for your health

Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) contains large amounts of contents which are beneficial to maintaining or enhancing our health and that can heal illnesses. The speech will give an overview of the contents, which are gained from the seed (essential fatty and amino acids, dietary fibre) on the one side and contents of the the blossom and leafs (cannabinoids, terpene, flavonoids) on the other side. For decades, the metabolic and immune system of humanity is used to these substances and depends on the external supply of these substances - as far as they are essential substances - via our food or food supplements. Many of the so called diseases of civilisation as well as other disorder and strains induced for instance by environmental toxins or pollution and stress, may be cured by the contents of cannabis plants.

Lecture in German.

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