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LECTURE Easy organic weed.

Cannabis grower Bill Griffin will discuss the advantages of growing cannabis organically. He'll demonstrate just how easy it is. He'll perform a live germination and transplant of a seedling into a pot that you can use to grow indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse. After that you will only need to use plain water - you don't even need to adjust the pH! --- Note - Bill Griffin is the real name of Percy Grower who spoke at Cultiva in 2016. He came out of the cannabis closet and encourages others to do so in an attempt to normalize the growing of cannabis and make it no more sensational than brewing your own beer, wine or growing your own tomatoes. He is currently working on a book "Easy Organic Weed" that will be available in early summer 2017. The book covers easy organic grow techniques for home growers to start them on their journey into this fun and rewarding hobby.

Lecture in English.

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