Cultiva Cannabis Congress

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11 years Cultiva Cannabis Congress

The hotspot concerning medicine, law, politics and culture. International experts talk about current developments, researches, changes and trends.

International high-profile speakers from the fields of science, research, medicine and politics will speak on a wide range of topics such as cannabis in medicine, as raw material, legal issues, indoor gardening and hemp as food. Once again, the Congress will be focussing on the wide and evolving area of cannabis in medicine as well as the legal regulations.

Recht Freitag Medizin Samstag Gesundheit Sonntag

Law & traffic safety

Friday, 12.10.2018

Medical Cannabis

Saturday, 13.10.2018

Health & cultural aspects

Sunday, 14.10.2018


 Simultanuebersetzung Simultaneous Translation will be available in German or English.

the headphones can also be used for better understanding of lectures (in original language)!

The Cultiva patients lounge offers an exclusive platform for personal discussions in small groups with the experts of the cannabis congress, for those who are affected. This unique offer is once again an highlight, as were else would they have the opportunity to meet up and talk with leading experts in a casual way.

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Should you want to participate at more than one Patients Lounge a day, please contact for further information.

Patienten Lounge


We are looking forward to your participation!

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